Hypnosis trauma reversal

Hypnosis can Help you Heal From or Reverse Traumatic Events

Traumas are blocks that get in the way of one’s thinking, feeling, perception, memory, and perhaps other brain functions. Also, many traumas affect physical functioning as well, such as digestion, sleep, movement if the structure is affected, heart function, immune response and many others. These are some of the major effects of traumas.

Traumas often cause people to lie to themselves and others, or intentionally block out or forget painful incidents or accidents. This sets up severe conflicts inside the mind that can lead to many other mental and physical dysfunctions. Traumas also severely lower one’s energy and self esteem, and can have many other effects upon the personality.

Hypnotherapy has a rich tradition as an effective method for addressing the impact of trauma. Whether in real time crisis or in post-event disorder, the power of Hypnosis to help reduce distress, reconcile despair, and stimulate healing is unparalleled.

At Bangkok Hypnotherapy, we use a unique, proven and accelerated healing technique developed by the Hypnotherapy Academy of America to reverse and collapse a trauma effectively. This process creates liberation from attachments to past experiences by creating a new perspective that involves the four aspects of a human being (spiritual, physical, emotional and physical) This new perspective is created when the old experiences are reprinted and impregnated with comfortable images and feelings.

Session type 1 session 3 sessions 6 sessions
General & Clinical Hypnotherapy 3500 THB 3300 THB 3000 THB
Past Life & Natal Regression (60-90min) 3000 THB  ------  ------

*All costs are per session! The "3 sessions package" is valid for 60 days, and "6 sessions package" is valid for 90 days only. Both offers are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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