Hypnosis improve concentration and focus

How Hypnosis can Help you Improve Concentration and Focus

Research from Stanford University shows that hypnosis actually changes the way blood flows to different areas of the brain. According to a study published (paywall) in Cerebral Cortex on Thursday (July 28), these patterns of activation indicate that patients who are hypnotized are better able to focus on a single task without worrying about their surroundings.

Hypnosis has a unique way of organizing thoughts and clearing out the clutter. Too often, people are diagnosed with Adult Attention Deficient Disorder and are led to try different mediations to get their focus back. If you can't seem to make a decision or are constantly jumping from one task to another, then hypnosis can work to make your concentration and focus stronger and help you accomplish more.

There are many situations in which concentration and focus are imperative: driving a car, performing surgery, working on an important project, taking a test. Often we have trouble concentrating on the task at hand because there is so much more going on in our minds: did I turn off the coffee maker, I need to mail the electric bill, the kids need dentist appointments, what will I do if I don't get that promotion. All these dialogs going on simultaneously in your head make it nearly impossible to get anything done at times.

The process of hypnosis to create better concentration and focus can be divided into two main areas. First, you need to learn how to really relax — to allow all thoughts to be put aside and no conscious thought to take over another. This is one reason why hypnosis is usually done just before drifting off to sleep at night, when you can put aside other distractions. Secondly, once relaxed, hypnosis can rearrange and organize thoughts so that logical action can take place.

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