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How Hypnosis can Help you Manage Phobias and Addictions

How do you spot an Addiction? A habit can be controlled. An addiction controls the person. Habits are established with repetition. First the thought, then the action: The habit of thinking leads to a habit of acting, then becomes/emerges as the compulsive behavior hence the addiction.

Phobia: Fear is the expectancy of pain and not being able to cope with impending doom. This is due to negative programming. When experiencing a phobia, the fear grows too overwhelming and controls the self. Phobia is fear turned inward/internalized.

Here at Bangkok Hypnotherapy, depending on the responsiveness of our clients we are usually able to cure and or control addiction/phobia between 3-6 sessions. We use techniques that are specifically created to change the triggers in the brain, stop self-sabotage issues, release trauma and redirect the neural networks in the brain.

When a hypnotherapist helps a client, we start by changing the identity and beliefs that are causing the problem and create a new identity about who the client is now. When this is applied to addiction, some miraculous things happen.

Session type 1 session 3 sessions 6 sessions
General & Clinical Hypnotherapy 3500 THB 3300 THB 3000 THB
Past Life & Natal Regression (60-90min) 3000 THB  ------  ------

*All costs are per session! The "3 sessions package" is valid for 60 days, and "6 sessions package" is valid for 90 days only. Both offers are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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